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Hi, I'm Noa! I am a freelance designer, illustrator and artist based in Valencia, Spain.

My aesthetic is deeply rooted in minimalism and hand-crafted design, and often inspired by the countries I have temporarily called home: Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia or Thailand.

Following the completion of my degree in International Business and Marketing, I studied a Master in Graphic Design. This allows me to implement the marketing knowledge I acquired, through different design tools and softwares, combining creativity and strategy and creating not only beautiful but. also thoughtful designs.

Passionate about connecting with people and creating, in 2018 I decided to pursue my dreams and developed a thriving boutique branding business called Noa Design Studio.

Nowadays, I found my true calling as a branding expert for premium lifestyle brands and working both for local and for international companies, bringing together marketing and design.

Get to know me better

In the last 4 years I've lived in  

Spain, Germany, New Zealand 

and Australia.

I speak fluent Spanish, English

& German and a little bit of French. (And I talk a lot!!)

I adopted a vegan diet 2 years ago  and try since then to make conscious decisions in my

day-to-day life.

In working with me, you'll get a designer with a business and marketing mindset who strives to create brands that flourish and endure.

Noa Design


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