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Branding, Packaging Design, Creative Direction, Marketing Collateral & Digital Design.


Beirut Restaurants are a Lebanese restaurant located in the heart of Valencia. Established in 1995, this family restaurant offers unique and delicious dishes following old traditional recipes, which have passed down from generation to generation. During this re–branding process, our major aim was to create an organic and natural identity, inspired in this rich country and its inherited and fertile cultural legacy.  We  wanted to maintain some elements of the old logotype, in order toshow the interrelationship between the old and the new identity, so that the essence of the brand prevailed. To this end, we included a hand–crafted illustration of a Cedar, one of the most important symbols of the country. We also included the establishment date, in order to convey professionalism and quality, and curated bold, vintage typographies that match the brand aesthetic and created a warm, natural and timeless look.  

PHOTOGRAPHY by Filtro Agency INTERIOR DESIGN by Acierta Retail 

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