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Branding, Clothing Design, Web Design, Marketing Collateral & Digital Design.


For Them is a non-profit organization that raises awareness through different movements. First, physical movement. By having a deeply rooted connection to Yoga philosophy, they share a message of compassion and equality in the āsana classes, workshops, and retreats that they offer so we all begin to refine our perception and observe the coherence between our thoughts, words, and actions. Second, throughart as a free expression and seek of our purest souls. By doing this, and paying special attention to each detail, FOR THEM has created a unique voice, aiming to connect with people through design and an artsy aesthetic. To this aim, we crafted a comprehensive design package that includes branding, web design, collateral and digital design and a whole clothing campaign together. Visit The Website.

CREATIVE DIRECTION by Laura Prim PHOTOGRAPHY by Laura Prim & Lander Ibarretxe CO-PRODUCTION by Carla Martínez & Rebeca Recatero COPYWRITING by Eva Lucie Daniela WEB DEVELOPMENT by Bruto Studio

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