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Branding & Marketing Collateral


LECO is an architecture studio located in the heart of Valencia, Spain. In LECO, they believe that Spaces Create Emotions and they approach every project with a Neuro-Architecture discipline. When we started developing this rebranding process, our aim was to convey also this message through a solid graphic identity that appeared sophisticated and elegant but not too cold. To that end, we inspired the concept of the logo in the well-known achitect Le Corbusier, which is also the name of the founder's pet, who always appears in the project photography. We created a custom-made typographic logo, that is very minimal yet owns a strong personality due to the smaill tweaks in its letters. Combined with a cute submark of the dog and some graphic recognisable elements of LeCorbusier (pipe, bow tie and glasses), we achieved this perfect and unique identity. Visit Website Here.

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