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Wellness & Beauty


Branding, Web Design, Marketing Collateral & Digital Design.


Pepa Marmaneu – Clínica de Salud y Bienestar, is a Self–Care Oasis located in the heart of Valencia. Their major aim is to unwrap the beauty no only of your body but also of your soul, by offering a wide range of wellbeing services, from therapy sessions, yoga and nutrition to aesthetic medicine. Because in order to feel beautiful on the outsideyou must be first feel beautiful on the inside. To convey this concept, we have developed a very warmth and refreshing image, the one you will find in an Oasis, an unlimited source of wellbeing. A clean, bold and calm brand identity that highlights the simplicity, naturalness and effortless beauty in our daily self–love rituals.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Palm Studio WEB DEVELOPMENT by Bruto Studio

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